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This app helps bus riders find schedules and real-time arrival information for all DDOT routes and bus stops.

You can browse routes, look up a bus stop, or find service near your current location.

Key features

  • Bookmarkable pages: Each route and bus stop has a unique URL that looks like ../route/(number) or ../stop/(stop ID) so that you can navigate directly to the info you need
  • Location awareness: Find bus stops and routes within a 5-10 minute walk of your current location on the ../nearby page. Your web browser will prompt to know your location, and you must allow it to use this feature
  • Time awareness: Features like the bus schedule display service information based on the current time and day of the week, so if you open this page on a Tuesday you'll see the Weekday schedule by default


Predicted time of departure based on a bus' Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL), as available
Scheduled time of departure based on the printed schedule
Active buses on a route; zoom in on the map to see more details about that bus
Bus stops; the active stop will be yellow
Find service nearby your current location
Download the current route schedule as a PDF
ConnectTen routes with 24/7 service and improved frequency
Downtown routes
Eastbound/Westbound routes
Northbound/Southbound routes
Special routes


Where does the data come from?

This app uses DDOT's GTFS data (available here; learn more about the GTFS format here) and the OneBusAway API.

You can access Detroit's endpoint at this URL: - you'll need to add the key parameter with a value of beta.

How accurate are real-time predictions?

The real-time data, indicated by the speaker phone icon, are generated using a bus' Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL). Currently, about 75% of DDOT buses are outfitted with AVL technology. As DDOT undergoes a technology upgrade in the coming months, all buses will be outfitted with AVL technology and existing AVL will be improved.

Based on our experience, it's not uncommon for the real-time prediction to be 1-3 minutes off in either direction, so give yourself a few extra minutes.

Knowing that the real-time data isn't 100% accurate or available 100% of the time, we display route- and stop-specific data from the fixed schedule (indicated by the clock icon) in addition to the real-time arrival information so that you always have a full picture.

What about trip-planning?

This app does not currently support trip planning. Trip planning means asking something like, "I am here and want to go there, which bus(es) should I get on?"

We may build trip planning in a future iteration, but our current goal is to explain DDOT service. Trip planning will require a more regional scope.

DDOT recommends downloading Transit App from your app store for trip planning. Transit App utilizes the same data sources as this app, but also incorporates transit data from SMART, QLine, People Mover, MoGo bike-share docks and ride-sharing.


This app is developed by the Innovation and Emerging Technology team at the city of Detroit in partnership with DDOT. Our code is on Github.

Find a bug or have an idea for the project team? Leave a note on our feedback form, reach out by email or leave us a Github Issue.

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